QQ x KAKAO 全系列联名设计来袭!-设计干货

QQ x KAKAO 全系列联名设计来袭!


1. About collaboration toy 关于联名玩具

Who is RYAN? 谁是 RYAN

Ryan是Kakao Friends的代表角色,看起来面无表情(表情没有变化过),其实关爱他人,个性很温暖,在Kakao Friends中担任着顾问的角色,并且实际上他是一只复杂的没有毛的狮子。凭借独特的魅力,Ryan一经发布就收获了势不可挡的人气,并在短时间内成为韩国最火的IP角色。

Ryan is a representative character of Kakao Friends. Ryan looks impassive without facial expression (his face has ‘never’ changed), but he has a warm personality that cares for others. And he holds a position of adviser among Kakao Friends characters. Actually, he is a lion, but has a complex about having no mane. With Ryan’s unique charm, Ryan gained overwhelming popularity as soon as it was released, and became the Korea’s top character in a short period of time.

Why Ryan? 为什么是Rayan?

由于QQ和 Kakao Friends都有很多IP角色,项目早期,我们想设计大量的角色,然而为了给公众留下更强烈的印象,最后还是决定设计最具代表性的。我们选择QQ代表腾讯,KaKao则选择Ryan.Ryan被塑造为KakaoFriends品牌的代表性人物,多次曝光于Kakao的营销、宣传推广以及活动中。在所有方面,没有其他角色能比Ryan更能代表Kakao Friends,这就是我们在这次项目中选择Ryan的原因。

In the early stages of the project, we considered to introduce a large number of characters from both companies since each company had a lot of character IPs. However, it was finally decided to include just one representative character in each company to imprint a stronger image to the public. We chose QQ for representing Tencent, and Kakao has picked Ryan. Ryan was specially created as a representative character of Kakao Friends brand that he has been exposed numerous times as a main character in Kakao Friends’ marketing, promotions, and campaigns. In all aspects, there is no other character than Ryan who best represents Kakao friends. That is the main reason why Ryan was selected as a main character for Kakao on this collaboration.


2. Design process 设计过程

Character analysis 角色分析

在QQ x Ryan限量版玩具的制作中,我们首先分析了两个角色的外形。QQ和Ryan在某些点上看起来很相似 (头部大到可以形成1:1的身体),但细节却大不相同,QQ身体笨重,四肢活动范围小,Ryan身体修长,可以自由活动。因为两者的身形是如此不同,为了使其看起来是和谐的,我们必须特别注意他们姿势和构造。

For the production of QQ & Ryan limited toy, we first analyzed the appearance of the two characters. QQ and Ryan look similar in some points(the head is large enough to form a 1:1 body ratio, but the details are quite different. QQ’s body is bulky and the range of motion of the limbs is small, while Ryan’s body is relatively slender and the limbs can move freely. Because the shape of the body is so different, it was necessary to pay special attention to the posture and composition of the characters in order to place the two characters in harmony.

Idea sketch 草图构思


We focused on the interaction between these two different characters while designing this collaboration toy. At first, we tried the poses such as hugging each other or doing something casual together to express the intimacy between the two characters. However, since we focused on targeting the younger generation for the toy, we came up with an idea of two characters sharing the same interest together. We’ve tried more idea sketches based on the ‘hip-hop’ concept which is a main trend thesedays. In addition, we focused on making the toy cool and chic, applying the stylish hoodies for their clothes.

Material test 材料测试


In the course of considering the toy’s material, ways of applying special materials to the toy were also tested. Due to the nature of the limited edition toy, the quality and uniqueness of the material are also important. Therefore, we tried to test the idea of (1) making figures with various materials such as metal, wood, and textiles & (2) painting artworks such as marble, camouflage pattern, illustrations, and calligraphy on the toy’s surface.

Final concept最终概念


As a pose, a draft in which two characters sat with balloons holding each other’s faces was adopted. The character’s body, which was planned to be made with white material, was painted with real colors. Then its detailed proportions and poses were adjusted to match the guides of the two characters. As for the costume, Hood Ryan has been a huge hit in the past, so we made two characters wear the same style hood to make the them look more harmonious. At final, the pose was changed to the direction in which the two characters stood back to each other. It was also important to hold the proper center of weight so that the figures could stand well because two characters leaned against each other in a stiff posture. Had to harmonize the design styles of them without violating their character guidelines. Therefore, we continued to seek advice from both companies about the toy design and adjusted the details.


Coincidentally, both characters use black and yellow as their main colors. So we decided to use Ryan’s yellow and QQ’s black to make a simple and symbolic color combination.

Movable balloons 可动气球


Based on the 3D modeling, we produced a prototype toy to test the real product. Since the size of the balloons were large, there was a difficulty in supporting the weight of the balloons with a thin wire. In addition, we thought of an idea to make the balloons movable to let customers freely display the toys as they like and play with it rather than make them fixed on the characters’ hands.


So, we separated the balloons from the characters and made individual stands which can support the balloons. Now, users can get four pieces of toys including two balloons and two characters which can be freely arranged.


3. Final product 最终产品

3D wireframe 3D线框

Details 细节


The limited toy was designed to be concise and sleek in overall following the brand tone of Ryan. We wanted to keep the overall surfaces of toy as clean as possible so we didn’t add a lot of accessories or ornaments except for those few important details. Instead, we focused on showing the charm of each characters and concept of this collaboration.

Final rendering 最终渲染

这是QQ x Ryan限量版玩具的最终设计,提高了衣服的质量,添加了诸如logo之类的细节。特别是,我们花了许多精力来设计符合他们姿势的体型。

This is the final design of QQ & Ryan limited toy. The quality of clothes was improved, and details such as logo tags were added to complete the final version. In particular, we put a lot of effort on designing the natural body shape following to their posture.

QQ x Ryan限量版玩具是腾讯和Kakao首次象征性的合作,他们的故事会在接下来的盲盒和表情包项目中继续,本限量款潮玩下半年会发布,大家敬请期待,同时在QQ潮玩展-QTX上会有样品实物提前展示!

QQ & Ryan limited edition toy is the first symbolic collaboration between Tencent and Kakao. Their stories will continue in the upcoming collaboration projects of blind box and online stickers. Please look forward to it!


3.QQ x Kakao 个性化装扮

这次的项目合作也采用同样的方式,基于QQ与Kakao共享的品牌价值观和生活态度,让Kakao friends走上QQ的舞台,用户可以在个性化商城和表情包商城中找到他们,更直接快速地感受到Kakao friends 系列IP的趣味性和品质感。

Based on the brand values and life attitudes shared by QQ and Kakao, this project cooperation takes Kakao Friends to the QQ stage. Users can find them in personalized mall and emoji mall, and feel the interest and quality brought by Kakao Friends IP series directly.

KAKAO FRIENDS的家族成员有八位,分别是励志温馨治愈系的雄狮RYAN、率真可爱的桃子APEACH、穿上兔子外套的黄萝卜泡菜MUZI、背景神秘的鳄鱼CON、性格内向处事谨慎的小鸭子TUBE、傲娇的时尚达人猫咪NEO、富人家的都市狗FRODO以及热爱嘻哈的自由灵魂鼹鼠JAY—G。他们通过不同的角色表现了许多有趣的故事,用可爱治愈的外表形象和个性化的角色故事为消费者带来欢乐。

There are eight members of the KAKAO FRIENDS family, they are :

Ryan, the inspirational and Healing Lion;

Apeach, the ingenuous and adorable peach;

Muzi, the turnip pickle in a rabbit suit;

Con, the Crocodile;

TUBE, the introverted and cautious duckling;

NEO, the Pussycat of fashion;

Frodo, the city dog of the rich; and

Jay, the Free Spirit, hip hop loving mole.

They show many interesting stories through different characters and bring joy to consumers with cute, healing looks and personalized character stories.

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